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Where Luxury Meets History: Fabergé is bringing a classic Irish design into the 21st century

It isn’t every day that you get the opportunity to own a unique piece of history, and that history in this case is a beautiful example of wearable art. In a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration and celebration, iconic artist jeweller Fabergé have created a very special piece of extraordinary jewellery, which is available for purchase from Hartmanns, the west of Ireland’s premier jewellers.

For this piece, Fabergé is working with what is arguably one of the most iconic designs to ever come from Ireland,the Claddagh Ring. The creation is a very special egg surprise pendant, which features 18ct yellow gold and green guilloche vitreous enamel, 15 round brilliant cut white diamonds, with a heart-shaped Gemfields Zambian emerald at its centre, and an 18ct yellow gold trace chain with an egg tag.

This beautiful piece is the result of two highly renowned jewellery specialists coming together to celebrate the Claddagh Ring in a way that has never been celebrated before, as this could, in fact, be the most expensive and unique Claddagh Ring ever produced.

The history of the Claddagh Ring

It is believed that the first productions of the now-famous Claddagh Ring were made in 17th century Galway, or more specifically, the Claddagh area of Galway City, just across the river from the Spanish Arch.

The design of the ring itself is representative of several things at once, with the heart at its core standing for love, the crown embodying loyalty, and the two clasped hands symbolising friendship.

The giving and receiving of the rings also have a storied and varied history, as they can be given between friends as a symbol of their relationship, as well as gifted from mothers to their daughters to represent the arrival of womanhood.

Also, how you wear a Claddagh Ring can convey the owner’s relationship status, with the heart pointing inwards meaning they are in a relationship, and the heart pointing outwards signifying that the wearer is single.

The history of Fabergé

There are very few brands in the world that are as immediately synonymous with class and rarity as Fabergé. Initially founded in 1842, Fabergé is known around the globe for its celebrated series of opulent and inspirational Imperial Easter Eggs.

Following the appointment of Peter Carl Fabergé as the official goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court, the works created by Fabergé – which include breathtaking jewellery, astonishing timepieces, and one-of-a-kind bespoke commissions – have been some of the most sought-after pieces in history.

Fabergé’s modern inspiration comes from its very own past and present, with its latest pieces being extravagantly painted with the world’s finest gemstones, creating a lush, vibrant palette of future heirlooms. Exploring their own history through a very modern lens of colour, Hartmann’s full range of Fabergé items is available to view in store, or you can check out their collection online right here.

The history of Hartmanns

Founded in 1945, Hartmanns has supplied generation after generation around Galway, all of Ireland, and the world with the highest quality of service and impeccable pieces of jewellery and timepieces.

A huge part of the Galway community, Hartmanns wears its local pride on its sleeve. Their store can be found on the bustling William Street, just a stone’s throw from the city’s landmark Eyre Square, which also places them in magnificently close proximity to the origins of the Claddagh Ring itself.

Hartmanns also houses a fully equipped watchmaker’s workshop. From there, they can carry out accredited servicing and refurbishment of many of the world’s most desirable brands including Rolex, Omega, and Tag Hauer.

Production of the claddagh ring had ceased in Galway City by the early eighties with all rings being sold in the city coming from Dublin or made abroad. Garry Hartmann decided they he only wanted to sell claddagh rings made in their home city, so Hartmanns became the only jewellers in Galway making the famous claddagh ring at home.

Since then, the art of manufacturing the claddagh ring in Galway has been revitalised and now Hartmanns are excited to bring the beautiful design to a whole new level in conjunction with Fabergé.